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Job Opportunities

Posted: Wed Feb 27, 2019 11:00 am
by FBI




The FBI is always seeking for new employees. The Job Opportunity, as the words state, is just an opportunity, there is no guarantee you will get that job and there is no guarantee you will succeed past the training process if you do get accepted. All candidates who submit a letter of interest are confidential and are known only to Agents of the FBI. Once you submit a letter of interest, do not expect a response. We will not tell you if you've been rejected or whatnot. You will be informed if you are being called for an interview and you will be informed if you are accepted. Anything else - silence means no updates.

  1. Have a passport and a driving license.
  2. Has the rank of a Police Officer I or higher (unless invited).
  3. Clean criminal history for at least a month.
  4. Clean (or minimal) punishment history within the SAPD.
  5. Ability to communicate in a decent level using English language.
Furthermore, some tips on who we hate:
  1. We will not allow impatient candidates in.
  2. We will not allow inactive candidates in.
  3. We will not allow fake personalities in.
  4. We will not allow plagiarists in.
Divisions that you can apply for:
  1. Criminal Investigations Division: the primary division of the FBI, the one that conducts investigations into criminal activities and gathers intelligence, performs undercover infiltration into various organizations.
  2. Special Response Team: the tactical division of the FBI, the one that conducts tactical operations for the FBI in case there is classified or sensitive information that cannot be shared to anybody who is not part of the FBI.
You should also be aware, the recruitment process is long, the training process is even longer, and the FBI is not a place for you if your motives are mere position hunting and show off. You need patience, high levels of patience, and maturity, to comprehend that we require fully fit and competent people in the Bureau, and we will not allow anyone to progress who has stagnant progress or is not fit enough to join at all.

If you wish to proceed, and you meet all the requirements above Click to submit an interest letter