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Director [Executive Staff]
Director is the head of the Federal Bureau of Investigation. The task of the director is not so focused at performing field duties, but at leading the agency, resolving administrative matters, working out plans for the development and future of the agency, ensuring that the agency operates successfully, creates public conferences, coordinates joint operations between agencies and so on.

Deputy Director [Executive Staff]
Deputy Director is Director's right hand. The task of the deputy director is to aid the director in performing of the duties listed above. The deputy director also is the acting director in absence of the director.

Criminal Investigations Division
Special Agent in Charge [Command Staff]
The Special Agent in Charge, or abbreviated SAC, is a command member of the FBI, with the tasks of being more focused on field duties, ensuring that the agents are active, performing tasks successfully, makes plans, sets priorities, oversees the investigations, solves problems that agents may face, coordinates with the lower command of other agencies and so on.

Supervisory Special Agent [Field Staff]
The Supervisory Special Agent, or abbreviated SSA, is a supervisory member of the FBI, with the tasks of supervising inferior ranked members, assigning them tasks and overseeing their field performance, handle issues that may arise on the field and which would require attention of a supervisor, and ensure that the Field Staff functions effectively and efficiently.

Special Agent [Field Staff]
Special Agents are experienced members of the bureau. They are role models to the agents, guide them and answer any doubts they may have, their experience and knowledge is immense and therefore they also serve as instructors, teaching the cadets and growing the bureau's manpower by doing so.

Agent [Field Staff]
The primary workforce of the bureau, they perform duties on the field, interact with the citizens, create investigations, arrive on scenes to collect evidence, information, they will negotiate where possible and look to conclude major situations peacefully with least casualties as possible and ensuring that innocent lives are preserved and saved.

Probationary Agent [Field Staff]
A Trainee Agent that completed the Academy process successfully and is now put to probation on the field. Probationary Agents are, as the name self-implies, on probation, and their performance on the field at this stage is closely evaluated and are still being guided by Agents and higher ranks to fully and completely be able to flawlessly execute their duties when time comes to become independent fully fledged Agents.

Trainee Agent [Field Staff]
A person that applied for the bureau and got accepted, passed the entrance examination and is now to undergo academy process which consists of multiple phases and further examinations which will filter out if the cadet is worthy or not of being called an agent.

Special Investigations Division
Informants are as the name explains, persons who submit information to the FBI from whichever field they're at, be it from within a criminal organization or a public service agency. Informants are the key and important part of the FBI due to its nature of collecting information, intelligence and evidence. Knowing what is happening in the state is crucial for its safety.

Hostage Rescue Team
Commander [Command Staff]
Commanders are heads of Special Response Team, equivalent to Special Agents in Charge in the case of Criminal Investigations Division. Commanders oversee the division and ensure that the division operates flawlessly and receives constant and regular training. They handle complaints over the members of that division and any other issues that may occur.

Team Leader [Field Staff]
Team Leaders are experienced members of the division who are capable of leading a team of Operators in situations. They organize training sessions and ensure that the members are trained and ready at all times to respond and neutralize threat and any situation that may occur. Team Leaders are responsible to plan and organize plans and tactics for major events.

Senior Operator [Field Staff]
Senior Operators are experienced members of the division who had served for quite some time and showed extraordinary performance and abilities. Aside of being Operators, their additional role is to be role models for inferior ranked members and to perform training sessions for them. They are there to give tips to the new members and to ensure they develop into qualified and competent Operators.

Operator [Field Staff]
Operators are fully fledged members of the division and the heart of it. They are the ones who make the division up and execute the difficult tasks that are presented to them on the field. Only the best of the best are expected to hold this rank, and only those who pass and overcome the intensive training deserve a place under this rank.

Recruit [Field Staff]
Self explanatory, newly recruited person to the division. Has to undergo intensive and extensive training in order to comprehend how the division operates, to learn the tactics and procedures necessary for operating within the division and to be filtered out if not as good as the standards are set.

A spokesman is the person in charge of making public announcements in the FBI's name, creating and hosting press conferences, releasing articles relevant to the public, and maintaining good relationship between FBI and the public.

Legal Counsel
Legal Counsel is the person in charge of creating and handling prosecutions and other legal matters which the FBI is involved in. The legal counsel provides advice on various cases and suggest the ways to handle them.

Associate is a member of the FBI who contributes in some shape or form, without being a full-time member. An associate is basically a part-time member who handles specific tasks that are assigned by the Director.