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Federal Bureau of Investigation is an official establishment under the house of Congress and the White House, and as part of the Department of Justice, the Federal Bureau of Investigation is an organization of top level intelligence and law enforcement authority to bring those who violate the public security code or the constitution to justice. The Federal Bureau of Investigation is a fact gathering organization, using advanced technologies and our highly trained agents to gather information, combat criminals and organized crime, protect you, the citizens of the country and prevent catastrophic events induced by criminals from occurring.

The FBI consists of brave and experienced agents, who serve the country with fidelity, bravery and integrity in the most challenging of situations and most crucial times of public safety and national security. "We are a fact-gathering organization only. We don't clear anybody. We don't condemn anybody". - J. Edgar Hoover. The Federal Bureau of Investigation is always growing, with the threats of domestic terrorism, gang violence and hostage situations on the rise, we look for the brave and the honorable to step up and serve the United States in the gravest of situations, protect the constitution and uphold it. There is no other organization like the Federal Bureau of Investigation, our training is specialized and designed to promote failure in which our cadets learn from to become better when it really counts, in the field. Not everyone will make it, but those who are truly dedicated and motivated to serve their country's citizens and bear the badge of the Federal Bureau of Investigation will succeed without regret.

  • Terrorism
  • Counterintelligence
  • Cyber Crime
  • Public Corruption
  • Civil Rights
  • Organized Crime
  • White-Collar Crime
  • Violent Crime
  • Weapons of Mass Destruction

I. Criminal Investigations Division
The primary and the biggest division of the FBI, tasked with investigations related to all criminal activities, varying from organized crime, violent crime, corruption, to terrorism and others, this is the heart of the FBI, and has the most members hired in it, in order to ensure that the primary mission of the FBI is actively being executed, that all crimes are being investigated, and that those responsible for committing crimes are brought before court.

II. Special Investigations Division
A small division which consists of informants who are not necessarily members of the FBI, but are willing to provide the FBI with information and evidence against various criminal organizations or individuals who perform crimes. This is mostly an intelligence division, equally important as any other division.

III. Hostage Rescue Team
A tactical division under the FBI which operates in extremely dangerous high threat situations. This is the only tactical division of the FBI and is trained in some specializations such as hostage negotiation, hostage rescue, VIP security and so on. They also provide assistance to SWAT and SAPD units when required.

Director Matthew M. Carter, 888
Deputy Director Valentino Procciuto, 9468
Special Agent in Charge Derek C. Carter, 999
Special Agent in Charge Leonardo E. Carter, 900